Boarding Kennel


Our cattery, located in the front of the facility, provides each of our feline guests with a quiet, stress free environment in which they can relax. Our state of the art design includes numerous skylights and a climate controlled ventilation system to help ensure your cat’s good health. Within our cat boarding facility, each guest has his or her own spacious den with daily access to our sunny exercise area complete with scratching posts and climbing platforms.


Dog Boarding Kennel

Each canine guest at Day Hill Kennels is provided with his or her own spacious interior apartment. All of our boarding kennels are climate controlled, providing a warm and cozy environment during the winter months and a cool, humidity free space in the summer. Our guests are provided with fresh water 24 hours a day and are kept on a feeding regimen compatible to their home schedule. In addition to the interior apartments, each guest has access to his or her own large outdoor exercise run. These runs are completely covered to provide plenty of shade and protection from inclement weather.


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